Welcome to NeverFall

After her brother’s mysterious disappearance, a strange boy begins to watch over Nichole. While visiting the well where her brother was last sighted, she makes a wish that accidentally sends her and the boy into another world. They are trapped inside the harsh, unforgiving Endless City. They must find their way home before sunset, or remain in the City forever. READ LEFT TO RIGHT ---->> this way --->>

June 12th, 2017, 1:52 pm

Hello Again

NeverFall has continued to update, just not here. Life got crazy so I focused on a single website to upload pages. I'll be posting pages here continually throughout the week. Check back for updates often or you can read to the latest page right now by heading to my Tapas profile.


Patreon is live again as well. If you would like to help in the creation of more pages, please head there. You can donate as little as $1. If you donate $3, you get to read ahead of everyone else by at least 2 pages.


Looking forward to hearing from you all,

March 16th, 2015, 10:16 pm

Be Back March 26th

Hello! I'll be attending Con-nichiwa 2015 down in Tucson, Arizona this coming weekend. Preparations are under way and I need to haul it because I'll be having an Artist Alley Table selling things. Please stop by if you're there! NeverFall will continue on my birthday, March 26th!


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